iPad and Mac have the capability to transform the learning experience. But how can this be achieved?

Apple Teacher

Apple Teacher is a free professional learning program designed to support and celebrate educators who use Apple products for teaching and learning. The self-paced learning journey helps educators build skills on iPad and Mac, and earn recognition for the new things they learn. It’s easy, flexible, fun and inspiring — just the way professional learning should be.

The program is open to all educators and is a great way for schools to offer free professional learning that their staff members can work through together. When educators sign up for Apple Teacher, they start a self‑paced journey through the Apple Teacher Learning Center — a personalised online learning experience that can be accessed from anywhere. Apple Teacher is perfect for educators who are new to Apple products and even those who have been using them for years. Whether teachers have a single device or one for every student, Apple Teacher has the tools they need to use iPad and Mac to connect with all learners.

Technology in the classroom is ever-present in modern-day learning. However, simply providing the device is often not enough to improve education outcomes. We utilize Apple Professional Learning Specialists that assist with building the capabilities of teachers using technology, and ultimately providing staff with curriculum-specific strategies. This is leveraged through members of the APLS program we have a relationship with and the Apple Teacher program, which is a free, self-paced journey schools and staff can work through together to maximise the technology investment.

Apple Learning specialist

Who do we recommend?

Andrew Wright is a classroom teacher and Apple Learning specialist with 25 years teaching experience, 10 of which have been in 1-1 iPad classrooms. iTeacher offers engaging, hands on iPad training for teachers and students. Up skill staff and pupils with practical, hands on sessions designed to encourage creativity across all areas of the curriculum. Classroom and after school sessions available. -iTEACHER- iOS Professional Learning Run by Teachers, For Teachers. www.iteacher.net.au

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