Apple Service Pricing Mac

Warranty Service

There is no charge for hardware issues if your Mac is covered by Apple warranty. You can view the hardware warranty information at

Out of Warranty Service

If your Mac has a problem that’s not covered under warranty or consumer law, like accidental damage. We can repair your product for an out-of-warranty fee. Our out-of-warranty assessment fee is $99 and will credit towards any repairs carried out.

Prior to visiting us

Ensure your device has a current backup. Learn how to back up the Apple mac using time machine at

If your mac has Apple Silicon or a T2 security chip then disable Find my mac. How to Turn off find my Mac Activation lock How to Turn off find my Mac Activation lock

Apple Warranty Service & Repairs

Warranty Service & Repairs - iMac, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, MacBook, Mac Pro, Mac Mini (Please note that warranty does not cover software issues, accidental damage, abuse or liquid damage. An assessment fee of $99 will apply if ascertained)

Apple Out of Warranty Service & Repairs

Assessment (Hardware Only) for devices less than three (3) years old that have no accidental damage, abuse or liquid damage
Quick Fix (If the Technician can quickly resolve the issue)
Out of Warranty Assessment (Hardware Only) for devices more than three (3) years old (Fee waived if repair is undertaken) – Includes insurance assessment & letter if required
No-Fault Found (Unable to replicate or find a physical fault)
Labour Rate for first 30 min
Additional Labour Rate (billed in 30 min increments) – Capped at additional 2 hours
MacBook Air Battery Replacement and Installation
MacBook Pro Retina 13", 15" & 16" Battery Replacement and Installation

Software / Data Recovery

Software Issues - Booting Issues, Password Reset, Virus & Adware removal, Re-installing Operating System etc.
Mac to Mac Migration
Data Backup / Recovery - Basic - Apple Migration Resources
Data Backup / Recovery - Manual - Manual Copying and / or Using 3rd Party Recovery Software
Data Recovery – Advanced - Deleted Files / Formatted Drive / Bad Sectors / Damaged Drives / Corruptions
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