Intel Xeon E5-2630L Hexa-core (6 Core) 2 GHz Processor Upgrade - Socket R LGA-2011

Intel Xeon E5-2630L Hexa-core (6 Core) 2 GHz Processor Upgrade - Socket R LGA-2011

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Intel Xeon Processor E5-2600 Product Family

The Intel Xeon processor E5-2600 product family is at the heart of a flexible and efficient data center that meets your diverse needs. These engineering marvels are designed to deliver the best combination of performance, energy efficiency, built-in capabilities, and cost-effectiveness. From virtualization and cloud computing to design automation or real-time financial transactions, you'll be delighted by better than ever performance and energy efficiency. I/O latency is dramatically reduced with Intel Integrated I/O, which helps you to eliminate data bottlenecks, streamline your operations, and increase your agility. The Intel Xeon processor E5-2600 product family - versatile processors at the heart of today's data center.


General Information

Manufacturer Website Address:
Brand Name:
Product Family:
Product Series:
Product Model:
Product Name:
Xeon Hexa-core E5-2630L 2GHz Processor Upgrade
Product Type:
Processor Upgrade

Technical Information

Processor Manufacturer:
Processor Core:
Hexa-core (6 Core)
Clock Speed:
2 GHz
QuickPath Interconnect:
8 GT/s
L2 Cache:
1.50 MB
L3 Cache:
15 MB
64-bit Processing:
Process Technology:
32 nm
Processor Technology:
  • Trusted Execution Technology
  • Thermal Monitoring Technology
  • Demand Based Switching
  • Hyper-Threading Technology
  • Enhanced SpeedStep Technology
  • Extended Memory 64 Technology
  • vPro Technology
  • Virtualization Technology
  • Turbo Boost Technology 2.0
Processor Socket:
Socket R LGA-2011

Power Description

Thermal Design Power:
60 W

Environmental Conditions

Thermal Specification:

Physical Characteristics

45 mm
52.5 mm


Platform Supported:
  • PC
  • Intel R1304GZ4GC Server System
  • Intel R2208GZ4GC Server System
  • Intel R2308GZ4GC Server System
  • Intel P4216IP4LHJC Server System
  • Intel R2216GZ4GC Server System
  • Intel R2224GZ4GCSAS Server System
  • Intel R2312GZ4GCSAS Server System
  • Intel H2312JFQJR Server System
  • Intel P4208IP4LHGC Server System
  • Intel H2216JFJR Server System
  • Intel H2216JFQJR Server System
  • Intel R2208GZ4GC10G Server System
  • Intel H2216WPQJR Server System
  • Intel R1208GZ4GCSAS Server System
  • Intel H2216JFFJR Server System
  • Intel P4308IP4LHGC Server System
  • Intel H2216WPFJR Server System
  • Intel H2312WPJR Server System
  • Intel R2208IP4LHPC Server System
  • Intel R2224IP4LHPC Server System
  • Intel R2312IP4LHPC Server System
  • Intel P4308CP4MHGC Server System
  • Intel H2312WPQJR Server System
  • Intel H2216WPJR Server System
  • Intel R2216IP4LHPC Server System
  • Intel R2216GZ4GCLX Server System
  • Intel P4308CP4MHEN Server System
  • Intel P4308IP4LHJC Server System
  • Intel H2312WPFJR Server System
  • Intel R2308IP4LHPC Server System
  • Intel P4308IP4LHJCL Server System
  • Intel H2312JFFJR Server System
  • Intel P4208CP4MHGC Server System
  • Intel R1208GZ4GC Server System
  • Intel P4304CR2LFGN Workstation System
  • Intel P4304CR2LFJN Workstation System
  • Intel P4304CR2LFJNL Workstation System
  • Intel S2600GL Server Board
  • Intel S2600CP2 Server Board
  • Intel S2600CP4 Server Board
  • Intel S2600CP4IOC Server Board
  • Intel S2600JFQ Server Board
  • Intel S2600GZ Server Board
  • Intel S2600CP2J Server Board
  • Intel S2600JF Server Board
  • Intel S2600WPQ Server Board
  • Intel S2600COE Server Board
  • Intel S2600CP2IOC Server Board
  • Intel S2600JFF Server Board
  • Intel S2600COEIOC Server Board
  • Intel S2600WPF Server Board
  • Intel S2600IP4L Server Board
  • Intel S2600CO4 Server Board
  • Intel S2600IP4 Server Board
  • Intel S2600WP Server Board
  • Intel W2600CR2L Workstation Board
  • Intel W2600CR2 Workstation Board
  • Hewlett-Packard DL360p Gen8 Proliant Server